Here, There, and The Everything Between

Hello and welcome to The Everything Between!


Have you ever come to a point in your life where you start to feel the inexplicable pull towards something more? That maybe your journey isn’t fulfilling you the way you would like it to? Well, you are not alone, my friends!

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Over the last few months, here at #TeamBragber (yes, we have our own hashtag), we have spent a lot of time discussing our journeys and where we would like those adventures to take us. In that time, Courtney quit her job to pursue that flighty temptress, happiness. And Josh started to feel a real pull towards expanding his creativity and refining his creative identity  (for those that don’t know, he is a filmmaker and photographer). We both felt that connecting ourselves more deeply with our creative sides was pertinent. But we were unsure about what that meant, and how exactly to pursue that need.

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Out of that uncertainty…the Everything Between was born. Our want to both document and share our adventures led us down this path. One morning, Josh sent Courtney a text that simply said –  “Lets start a blog!” and of course, Courtney jumped right on board! We started this blog for ourselves as a way to truthfully document our lives, and so that our friends, family and everyone between could follow along.

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We are Josh and Courtney, just an ordinary couple who want to live an extraordinary life! We met almost 3 years ago (on Tinder of all places) in Brooklyn, texted for about a week, and met for lunch. Later that same night we met for drinks and have basically been inseparable ever since.

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*Courtney has had the curse of wanderlust since the womb. In her 35 years on earth she has moved across the country and back 9 times. Living in some iconic cities: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Orlando, Long Beach and finally in 2016 settling in Los Angeles with Josh. Courtney loves dogs more than most humans, Harry Potter more than blockbusters and the old more than the new. She constantly has a new home project she is dying to tackle and really loves awkward artwork! She is loud, loves to dance and her favorite food is a cheeseburger. She shops solely at goodwill and thrift stores, is obsessed with all things skin care and enjoys living a more holistic lifestyle.*


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IMG_5945*Josh is a gentle soul with a giant red beard and is magic behind the lens of a camera. He spent most of his life in the Northeast (as you can tell from his endless assortment of flannel) and made the move to LA in the beginning of 2016. He travels globally with his work, bringing awareness to the bleeding disorders community through documentary work and taking some gorgeous photographs and fun videos along the way. After spending most of his career so far telling the stories of others, it felt like high time he started documenting some of his own.*







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*Together we have one furry cohort, a terrier mix named Crumpet. His favorite things include: snuggles in the morning between us, playing with his toys – usually all of them at once, hikes – until he decides its time to ride in the backpack, running on the beach, lying in his bed, surveying his kingdom through the window, protecting the house from the evil mailman and eating, eating, eating and more eating.*

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We, as a partnership, love good food both healthy home cooked meals and a splurge on a night out, movies on the couch, small road trips and jaunts around our own city, vintage and antique stores, fixing up our home, adventures with Crumpet and a lot of good conversation. We truly want to experience everything this world has to offer, together (and possibly with you). Follow along with our adventures here and over on Instagram, @TheEverythingBetween

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See ya soon!

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