You say its your birthday…It’s my birthday too, yeah!

  1. the anniversary of the day on which a person was born, typically treated as an occasion for celebration and the giving of gifts.

I. Love. Birthdays. I always have, and I probably always will. As a little girl, I looked forward to my birthday allllll year. Being an early December baby, I always felt I got a double-whammy birthday, what with Christmas right around the corner!

As I get older, I find that while all the grey hairs that come with birthdays can be a little daunting… I am still a total sucker for them.

Josh and I are a mere 2 weeks apart (plus four years, but that is beside the point), so we have really enjoyed celebrating together the last 3 years.

This year I really wanted to do something special for him, and what could be more special than your first ever trip to DISNEYLAND! The land of Alice, Mickey, Dole Whips and Churro’s!! The answer is: nothing.

We had the most amazing day together in the Magic Kingdom. It was so beautiful to watch Josh’s face light up at all the wonder of Disney!

Josh found himself in heaven after we rode ‘Star Tours’ and he found out that all over tomorrowland is Star Wars themed. I thought at one point he was going to have a seizure when we found out we could meet and get our picture taken with CHEWBACCA!!!

Eventually I had to remind Josh that there ARE good parts of Disney other than Star Wars, like ALL THE REST OF IT, so we grabbed some kabobs and churros and ventured out to do as much as we possibly could before reaching utter physical exhaustion. We managed to hit all of our high points at the park, the only thing we missed was space mountain sadly, as we tried to hit it at the end of our long day and our (one year older) feet were literally about to fall off our bodies. You always have to have a reason to go back…

The past two years on Josh’s actual birthday we have gone to see a double feature, this year was no different. We saw Ladybird and 3 Billboards. If you haven’t already…PLEASE go see these movies! To cap off the evening, we stopped at our favorite diner for a very large piece of homemade chocolate cake and some decaf coffee.

To continue our birthday adventures, we decided to spend our black friday going to all the local thrift stores. Our FAVORITE couple activity! And because it was black friday, everything in all the stores were an extra 50% off. Our haul was AMAZING! And of course we had a few big meals to keep us going strong.

I feel so lucky to get to share my birthday with this special man. I couldn’t ask for a better partner or friend.

All things must come to an end; we had the best time celebrating our birthdays together, and it was over all too quickly. But the good news is that our shared birthdays always end with the beginning of the holidays! We look forward to sharing our holiday post with you in January!

Until next time,

Courtney and Josh

Not Quite A Staycation


(Yes, this post needs a prologue):

To be as transparent as possible – this post was very hard to write. We both got hit really hard with the “vacation blues” after arriving home: A common disease marked by feelings of extreme crappiness after leaving a serene surrounding to come back to your everyday life.


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Gluttony, At Its Finest


Hi there, Courtney here!

A few weekends ago, we had the pleasure of hosting Josh’s parents, Don and Ann from New Jersey. We gave ourselves a loose itinerary for the weekend which included SO much food and quite a few activities; but mostly, it was about the food…isn’t it always?

Some of the places on our list to visit were Santa Barbara and Solvang (Ann’s favorite movie is Sideways, so we decided to surprise her with a day trip), Rosie’s dog beach in Long Beach, and the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena.


We wanted to take them on a little food tour of some of our favorite haunts as well as a few places we hadn’t tried yet. I’ll use any excuse to go to a new restaurant, it’s my favorite hobby! After every meal Don would excitedly exclaim, “That was SO good. That was the best one yet!” Because all of our meals were so large, we mainly ate a late breakfast and a dinner, omitting lunch altogether.

We forced ourselves to come to terms with the fact that we would not be eating healthy at all this weekend and we would probably be ingesting quite a few adult beverages along the way. After all, it was his parents vacation…and vacations are meant to be at least a little indulgent.



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